Bank Security Administrator

Job Title

Bank Security Administrator

Job Description

Facilitates, various information and/or security processes and projects across the Bank. Drafts policies and procedures, provides training/awareness and supplies detailed security process metrics to senior management. Collaborates with the Bank Security Officer to implement, oversee, and administer the electronic and physical security of all Bank buildings and branch offices.

Job Responsibilities –
• Performs onsite inspections and Physical Security Risk Assessments of all bank buildings and branch locations on a periodic basis. Identify deficiencies and develop action/mitigation plan for them.
• Assists in the development and ongoing update of Bank Security policies, procedures, and associated training.
• Assists in the development and maintenance of an enterprise wide security matrix and monitoring of control performance, and responds to associated audit requests.
• Assists in the configuration and monitoring of information and/or physical security tools, as well as the underlying output (e.g. DVRs, cameras, alarms, door access panels, etc.)
• Assists in new Branch installations, upgrades, configuration and monitoring of security tools and equipment to mitigate vulnerabilities, and to interact with service providers to ensure service levels are maintained.
• Identifies and develops process improvements that improve quality/accuracy of work across the department and the Bank.
• Contributes to the strategic direction of the department to build and enhance employee Security.
• Maintains relationships with local, State, and Federal LEO's/Fire Department Agencies with a high level of awareness of possible criminal activity.
• Ensures the proper handling and escalation of security incidents and responses.
• Maintains security equipment lists and inventory.
• Assists with service to security equipment.
• Maintains updated instructions for users.
• Reviews and file audit reports.
• Ensures that all departmental documents and activities are performed in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures as applicable to this position, including completion of required compliance training.
• Assists with processing invoices for permits and fees/service/equipment/annual contracts and assisting the Bank Security Officer as needed.
• Other duties and projects as assigned.

Skills and Abilities –
• Experienced with Microsoft Suite
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Familiar with DVR systems - Security Access systems and basic Security alarm programming
• Understanding of financial institution security requirements and regulations
• Ability to work independently
• Must be able to respond after hours
• Strong reasoning and decision making skills
• Excellent at multi-tasking in a fast paced environment
• Ability to learn new skills quickly

Working Conditions and/or Physical Requirements –
• Ability to work under stress and meet deadlines.
• Ability to operate a keyboard if required performing the essential job functions.
• Ability to read and interpret a document.
• Ability to travel if required to perform the essential job functions.
• Ability to lift/move/carry approximately 20 pounds if required to perform the essential job functions. If the employee is unable to lift/move/carry this weight and can be accommodated without causing the department an “undue hardship” then the employee must be accommodated; hence, omitting lifting as a physical requirement.

Basic Qualifications

• 5+ years’ experience in bank operations required
• 1-2 years’ experience in a security or law enforcement related field preferred
• Bank Security Schools and Bank training programs preferred
• High School degree or equivalent, College degree preferred