Deposit Service Manager - Range Branch

Job Title

Deposit Service Manager

Job Description

Manages the day to day activities of the Deposit Operations department. Collaborates with management on strategy to plan, administer and execute Deposit Operations activities for the Bank.

Job Responsibilities –
Monitors branch activity to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations as well as the bank’s policies.

Maintains and stays abreast of internal policy and procedures for all branch/deposit functions performed and managed.

Provides branch support for core system functionality and procedures as necessary.

Oversees maintenance on deposit accounts and customer records as needed.

Oversees Teller balancing and clearing un-posted items daily.

Orders cash for ATMs and occasionally order branch cash orders when branch employees are not able to order it themselves.

Serves as Disaster Recovery Coordinator, ensuring the maintenance of the bank’s Business Continuity Plan and presenting the annual status report to the Board.

Assists in disaster recovery testing with IT, Information Security Officer, and core system vendor.

Responsible for the process of any disputed transactions on customer accounts, collaborating with BSA Security staff as necessary on fraudulent activity.

Serves on the Product Committee and assists with implementation of new products as needed.

Ensures that own work is in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and guidelines directly or through subordinates.

Performs all other duties as assigned.

Skills and Abilities –
• Must possess strong working knowledge of Banks’s core vendor.
• Proficiency in MS Office suite (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Thorough knowledge of bank policies, procedures and practices in the areas within Deposit Operations
• Strong knowledge of laws and regulations governing banks
• Ability to handle confidential and proprietary information
• Ability to identify, analyze and solve complex issues quickly with logic and reasoning
• Ability to work with little or no supervision on assignments, determining when to act independently and when to refer situations to superiors
• Ability to work with and relate to superiors, subordinates, associates and customers in a professional manner and to motivate and lead associates to willingly achieve desired results
• Ability to effectively communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, in an accurate well-organized, logical manner to effect action

Working Conditions and/or Physical Requirements –
• Ability to work under stress and meet deadlines.
• Ability to operate a keyboard if required performing the essential job functions.
• Ability to read and interpret a document.
• Ability to travel if required to perform the essential job functions.
• Ability to lift/move/carry approximately 20 pounds if required to perform the essential job functions. If the employee is unable to lift/move/carry this weight and can be accommodated without causing the department an “undue hardship” then the employee must be accommodated; hence, omitting lifting as a physical requirement.

Basic Qualifications

• Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience required.
• 5+ years related experience required (10+ years preferred)